Salem Massachusetts – Part 2

Here are more photos I took while in Salem, MA in 2012.  The first group is in the last post I published.



This ship is called The SS Friendship, launched in 1797. It’s docked at Derby Wharf.



This is remarkable. It’s a stone found at the water’s edge. I think it looks like a baby’s foot.


Busy looking for a meal.

P1010335This old, rusty chain must have held a big ship in place.

P1010355Headed out.

P1010331The building behind the rocks appears to be an old aircraft hangar from WWII.

P1010315I just loved the reflections of those posts.

P1010457Could she be reading, The Great Wide Sea? Or, What to do When You’re Stranded?


Looks like a sailing class is about ready to start.


Having fun!


Looking for some shade.


These supplies were seen in the hangar shown above.


What else? More boats. I can’t resist them.

© 2014 Ronald J. Yarosh

All rights reserved

No photos may be copied or used without owner’s permission.


  1. Did you keep that Baby Foot Rock?

    And I like the photo of the girl on the rock…the most unusual position I’ve ever seen of “girl on rock.” How could that possibly be comfortable? 🙂


    • I was going to call that photo high and dry, but I didn’t. Yes,we have the rock. We were really surprised to find it.


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