Fisheye Photos from my iPhone 5s

Thank you for stopping by Photomania. 

Here are a few more fisheye effect shots from my iPhone 5s.

As you may know, it’s a wonderful and convenient walk around camera.

I think it’s just great for daylight/bright light shooting.  

I haven’t had much success in low light conditions.

The fisheye effect is possible with the “Fisheye App”. 

I hope you like these fun shots.

IMG_0022Colorful balloons.

IMG_0093Quirky corks.

IMG_0028Native American storefront statue.

IMG_0036Bikes for sale.

IMG_0008That looks like a fun place to visit.

IMG_0021This is a storefront bike used to attract attention.

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  1. These can be so much fun. My son sent me three lenses including the fisheye that screws into a holder that then clips on to my iPhone. I need to experiment more. Thanks for the reminder.


    • Wow, that’s great. I used the fisheye app. I just got the iPhone, (used) from a relative for fifty dollars. It’s a decent backup camera but as you know, it isn’t the greatest in low light. Fortunately, the pictures I just posted were in a mall with many windows. I’m still learning how to use it. But my main camera now is the Olympus I mentioned in my blog. I just got back from a day at Disney World and I used the Oly there. I probably took two or three hundred pics today. Take care.


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