Photos from Estes Park, Colorado – Part 1


Thanks for stopping by Photomania.

These are some photos I made a few years back while visiting Estes Park.

They were shot with a Konica-Minolta, point and shoot digital camera.

It was near the end of March, but there was snow on the ground.

It was a great day for photography.

However, I’m having some trouble with Word Press, so this post isn’t exactly as I had planned it textually. 

Please bear with me. 




This is part of downtown Estes park.

 The waterwheel seems to be frozen.

 A creek runs through the town.

 This was taken from a hotel neat the lake.

I call this one, “The Cold Hard Facts”.

© 2015 Ronald J. Yarosh

All rights reserved

No photos may be copied or used without owner’s permission.

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