New Street Photos – #5

Hi again.

Thanks for stopping by Photomania.

This is the fifth of the Street Photo series I’ve been posting on this blog lately.

The camera and lens I used was mentioned in previous posts.

I hope you like these photos.

I enjoyed making them.

Comments, likes and follows are always welcomed.

This man is packed and waiting for a train. 

This fellow is going inside the AMTRAK station house.

This guy is definitely a multitasker.

This pup is taking advantage of the many water bowls around the area.

This man seems to be taking a rest and watching people pass by.

Here’s a couple out for a stroll.

Here’s a pup living the life.

Reflections of love.

© 2015 Ronald J. Yarosh

All rights reserved

No photos may be copied or used without owner’s permission.


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