Welcome to Photomania.

I’ve taken many photos of U.S. flags over the years.

I thought this would be the perfect holiday to post a few of them.

This was taken at a relative’s home in Massachusetts.
I saw this bunting in Jamestown, Rhode Island.
I also captured this photo in Jamestown.
This is the flag at my relative’s home (mentioned above) reflected in their window.
This photo was made on Park Avenue in Winter Park, Florida.
This "patriotic" bear was near the flag on Park Avenue.
This “patriotic” bear was also found on Park Avenue.
These flags fly over Winter Park City Hall.
These flags fly over The Winter Park City Hall.
Shop keepers displayed flags all over Winter Park.
I found this inside a Cheddar’s restaurant in Orlando, Florida in a glass case.

© 2015 Ronald J. Yarosh

All rights reserved

No photos may be copied or used without owner’s permission.




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