Jamestown Rhode Island

Thanks for stopping by Photomania.

I’ve been neglecting my postings lately, but I have several good reasons for not doing so, including a medical situation, as well as computer problems. 

I’m glad to be back with some new photos of Jamestown, RI which I made in July of this year. I posted some older ones a while back.

I used my Olympus OM-D EM-1, using my 12-40 Pro lens for the first time.

I was very pleased with the performance of the lens, as well as the camera.

Comments and likes are always appreciated. 

Thanks for sticking with me during my hiatus. 

Enjoy… Waiting to be boarded.One lonely sea gull. 

Lone boat.

Waiting for a bite.

Here’s the bait the fisherman was using. At first I thought it was his catch. 

A rusty grappling hook? Or, maybe it’s an anchor. What do I know?

These look like boat bumpers. Or, buoys. I’m not sure. I’m not a boatist.

Old Rusty.

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